EnVivo Pharmaceuticals Publishes Preclinical Data On EVP-0334

September 24, 2008

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EnVivo Pharmaceuticals Publishes Preclinical Data On EVP-0334, a Novel HDAC Inhibitor for CNS Indications

— Data support clinical development —

WATERTOWN, Mass. — EnVivo Pharmaceuticals today announced the publication of two abstracts that will be presented at the 2008 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting describing the preclinical pharmacology of EVP-0334, an orally bio-available, brain penetrant HDAC inhibitor targeting CNS diseases.

The first abstract (Patzke, et al.) describes the in vitro pharmacological profile of HDAC isoform inhibition, brain penetration, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic effects (increased histone acetylation in mouse brain) of the compound.  In addition, this poster presentation discloses data supporting the clinical development of EVP-0334, including favorable safety profiles in genetic toxicology and multi-day in vivo toxicology studies.

The second abstract (Leventhal et al.) describes the short-term and long-term pro-cognitive effects of EVP-0334 in novel object recognition and water maze experiments in mice.  Both of these papers, which will be presented at SfN’s meeting in November in Washington, D.C., support the clinical development of EVP-0334 as a novel, pro-cognitive, epigenetic therapy for Alzheimer disease and other CNS afflictions.

“We are excited to share these results with the scientific community,” said Kees Been, president and CEO of EnVivo.  “EnVivo is focused on the development of HDAC inhibitors for CNS indications and we are confident in the potential power of this epigenetic mechanism for several diseases including Alzheimer’s disease.  The efficacy and safety package of EVP-0334 is impressive and we are looking forward to our first-in-human studies later this year.”