Generic Levitra is a male enhancement prescription sex pill that is a Viagra alternative, both produced to help men overcome sexual impotency commonly called erectile dysfunction (ED). There are different variants of the generic Levitra names in the market, with all the genuine products working perfectly against erectile dysfunction. These drugs help men enjoy their sexual activities no matter the underlying cause, the age of the man or length of affliction. You can check generic Levitra online when in need of a potent boost.

However, it should be noted that scammers are out there trying to take advantage of Levitra generic’s popularity and effectiveness to make money off of unsuspecting men especially those looking for very cheap generic Levitra online. So, you should be vigilant whenever you choose to buy generic Levitra and ensure you perform due diligence. Not only because you’ll be cheated off your money, but also because these counterfeit products contain harmful stuff that can damage key organs in your body. Learning about the drugs will help in this regard; getting to know the different generic name for Levitra and the information in this post is a great start.

It should be noted that erectile dysfunction has no cure and prescription drugs like Levitra generics or generic Levitra only help men maintain better and long lasting erections during sex. It is, therefore, a drug taken often time an hour before sex, not after for obvious reasons. So, pending the time scientist can find a permanent cure for erectile dysfunction, you can keep enjoying pleasurable and long lasting sex without fear of being impotent. Generic Levitra has been helping men in this regard. And the better news is you can order generic Levitra online from anywhere in the world.

Uniqueness of Generic Levitra sexual pills

Generic Levitra is one of the three pills approved by the FDA to help men deal with their erectile dysfunction. The active ingredient in generic Levitra is a PDE-5 inhibitor known as Vardenafil. Vardenafil entered the market in 2003, and immediately pricked the interest of men due to the results. Its action is fast, as fast as drugs known as “fast pills”.

After you take Levitra generic drugs, your body releases the enzyme PDE-5 inhibitors. What these inhibitors do is to act like gatekeepers and prevent blood that has entered the penis from flowing out so soon. Scientifically it is described as relaxing the pelvic muscle while aiding blood flow to the penis after arousal. This ensures erection last for up to 10-12 hours after intake. Remember, generic Levitra doesn’t cause the arousal, it merely aids the erection caused by sexual arousal.

How to take Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra comes in different doses, and should, therefore, be taken according to a doctor’s prescription or as written on the prescription label that came with the drug. Some men take more than the prescribed dosage thinking it will add extra hours to the length of time the erection stands for. They couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, the exact opposite occurs. Not only that, you are multiplying the effects of any side effect from the drug.

Levitra generic should only be taken when needed – when sex is certain to happen – that is some minutes before it goes down. There’s no night and/or day here, no specific time, just when you need it. The only caveat is to take it once within a 24 hour period, and a pill within that same time. Its effect usually kicks in within one hour of use, when you can get enough erection to make your woman happy.

Dosage strengths of the drug include 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 25mg. Certain factors are responsible for the choice of dosage strengths like age and how chronic the erectile dysfunction is. However, the 10mg is the most common dosage for most men and is what doctors mostly recommend. Only in rare occasions where the 10mg does not work should you consider taking the 25mg. I’ll repeat this again: taking a higher dosage won’t increase the time of erection. When you use generic Levitra, you should raise an alarm if either of the following happens: your erection is painful or your erection doesn’t subside after four hours. When either of these things happens, contact your doctor immediately for help.

An important note for men, who like alcohol here, is to limit or altogether avoid taking alcohol while using generic Levitra as it can amplify the side effects, which can turn out to be disastrous. Another thing to note is to never combine generic Levitra with other impotence drugs such as Yohimbine or Alprostadil. In cases where such might be needed, the decision should be taken solely by your doctor as they are in a better place to know the effects of the drug interactions relative to your health status.

Common generic Levitra side effects

The side effects of generic Levitra are not common, especially when used according to prescription. However, there have been reported cases of some side effects in some men. Examples of commonly reported side effects include nausea and chest pains. This is mostly true for people who have a past history of ailments related to the heart and perhaps kept mum about it to their doctors. A quick reminder to always disclose as much as you remember to your doctor at all times.

Another common but less reported side effect is a temporary loss of vision. One reason that this happens is because of the increased flow of blood to the penis. It is like taking extra resources of the body and concentrating it on the penis. It is always temporary, but if it happens, always alert your doctor immediately so as to establish the real cause. It might not be the generic Levitra in certain cases.

Other side effects that are very rare include: stuffy nose, stomach upset, back pains, swelling of the ankles and swelling of the face. That said, most of the side effects can be avoided when the drug is used when only needed and according to the prescription of the doctor or the prescription label.


Generic Levitra is not advised for people who are very sensitive to the active ingredient Vardenafil. Generic Levitra is not advised for people who are very sensitive to the active ingredient vardenafil. Certain drugs such as riocuguat (Adempas) don’t go well with generic Levitra at all. Drugs containing nitrates like nitroglycerin cannot be taken together with generic Levitra. Other drugs advised not to take with generic Levitra include: antibiotics like erythromycin (Eryc) or doxazosin (Cardura), warfarin (Coumadin). HIV medications should also be avoided while taking generic Levitra.

Additionally, people who suffer from the following diseases are also not advised to use the drug: deformation of the penis, cancer, gastric ulcer, angina, atherosclerosis and heart failure. As already mentioned earlier, generic Levitra and alcohol don’t go well together as it might amplify the side effects despite not affecting the effectiveness of the drug.


Levitra generic drugs cause the body to release the PDE-5 inhibitors. It is, therefore, imperative to get advice from your doctor before proceeding to use any generic Levitra drug. Talking with your doctor is especially important for those whose health history include a case of any of the following: liver or kidney diseases, retina diseases, heart diseases, priapism and blood cancer. Be open with your doctor about your history and erectile dysfunction problem rather than self-medicating.

Where to buy Generic Levitra

There are different ways or places to buy generic Levitra from. You can buy generic Levitra online, in a local store pharmacy or at your local hospitals. However, the easiest place to get it from is online pharmacies because of the ease of use and fast home delivery. There are trustworthy online pharmacies you can get the drug from. As it is a prescription drug, it must be bought according to regulations. A doctor or pharmacist’s evaluation of your erectile dysfunction status is necessary before the drug can be administered. This is to ensure you are not putting yourself at any risk by taking the drug, and that it works as intended for you. The key thing to buying generic Levitra online is to ascertain the online pharmacy’s authenticity. You can check sites that link to them, and the sites they are linked to as well as other relevant bodies like the FDA and other pharmacy regulatory bodies.

Reasons to buy generic Levitra online

Price is often the major reason why most people prefer to buy generic Levitra online. Online drug stores operate on a business model where the overhead cost is lower, relative to physical stores. This enables trusted online pharmacy to sell cheap generic Levitra. This advantage is also a double-edged sword because fraudsters abound pretending to be online stores offering cheap generic Levitra to unsuspecting buyers who would eventually be sold a fake or nothing at all. Hence, a buyer has to be extra vigilant when buying generic Levitra online. Another benefit of buying from trusted online drugstore is the experts that will attend to you and the opportunity to get a refund if anything happens to your shipment. Ensure you buy from trusted online pharmacy that are recognized for selling Levitra generic drugs and who have the necessary licenses to set up an online drug store. You should also endeavor to check both the manufacturing and expiry dates, to make sure you are buying a drug whose potency is assured.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does generic Levitra work ?

Yes, it works to help men manage their erectile dysfunction. There are lots of academic research to this end and users’ testimonials as you’ll see at the end of this post also attest to the potency of generic Levitra for erectile dysfunction.

Is generic Viagra Safe?

Every drug has a side effect. That said, there’s nothing inside generic Levitra to put you at any major risks as most reported side effects are often mild chest pains and stomach upsets. Ideally, when you use the drugs when needed and according to the prescribed dosage, your safety is mostly guaranteed.

Do all generic Levitra have the same price?

When you order generic Levitra online, prices may vary due to each store’s supplier and the manufacturer of the product. Be careful of overly cheap generic Levitra though, as it’s a usual ploy of fraudsters to use very low prices to entice users. If it’s too good to be true, then perhaps it isn’t true. That said, online pharmacies remain the best place to buy generic Levitra.

Can someone order for generic Levitra online?

Absolutely! You can place an order for Levitra generic male enhancement drugs from anywhere in the world. Just ensure you buy from a verified online drug store.

What are the generic Levitra side effects?

Most often reported side effects include: stuffy nose, dizziness, upset stomach and headache. When you use generic Levitra properly, you can easily avoid the aforementioned side effects.

Can I buy generic Levitraonline without prescription?

All registered and licensed safe online pharmacy will not sell generic Levitra to you without an appropriate evaluation and official prescription from a registered doctor or pharmacist. Except you buy from unregistered companies who could be selling the fake products.

Generic Levitra Reviews

I have tried Generic Levitra twice, and the results are quite encouraging. I strategically took the drug one hour before dinner and had sex about 1 hour after dinner. The sex lasted for a few hours and my erection went as soon as I stopped being aroused. I’m happy because I thought I will be carrying an erection for a very long time, but that proved not to be the case. Martins, 55


I had been taking Viagra for a very longtime before a friend mentioned generic Levitra to me. At first I was skeptical, bur after much persuasion I took some pills from my friend. I was shocked to see that it had the same effect as Viagra did on me. Since then, I have been using generic Levitra, as it is much cheaper. Winston, 43

I was told by a friend to visit this site when I explained to him how my pal down there is acting funny and letting me down. I bought the generic Levitra and since then, my pal down there has been performing at optimum output. And this makes me proud.Eric, 67