Philippe Bey, Ph.D. (MMD, HMR, Aventis, ArQule)

David G. Hangauer, Ph.D. (University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY)

Dr. Hangauer is an Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry & Chemistry at the University at Buffalo.  He is also the Senior Vice President for Research & Development at Kinex Pharmaceuticals.  Dr. Hangauer’s academic research is currently focused on structure-based-drug design and unraveling the thermodynamics of drugs binding to their receptors.  Dr. Hangauer’s industrial research is currently focused on kinase and phosphatase inhibitors.  He also consults extensively in medicinal chemistry.

Gideon Shapiro, Ph.D. (Pharmore Consulting, Inc.)

Dr. Shapiro is a medicinal chemist with 20 years of research and management experience in large pharmaceutical and biotech environments. Dr Shapiro spent 12 years at Sandoz/Novartis Pharmaceuticals in Basel, Switzerland in various functions, acting ultimately as co-manager of the Neurodegeneration Research Department at Sandoz. Most recently he has served as Vice President of Chemistry at EnVivo from 2004-2006 prior to the founding Pharmore Consulting Inc. where he continues to act in a consulting role to the company.